AP Top 25 (2/21/21)

Top 25

With the new top 25 rankings dropping today, and there only being 3 weeks left until Selection Sunday, these rankings will just mean more. With teams winding down their regular seasons and gearing up for conference tournaments, these rankings will tell who gets in at-large, and who's going to be on the outside looking in following the Selection Show on March 14th.

Biggest Movers:

Missouri- dropped 10 places to 20th in the AP poll. Following 3 straight conference losses to Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Georgia, Mizzou was able to stay in the top 25 by defeating South Carolina comfortably on Saturday, Feb 20th. Theyll look to get back on track this week as they face Ole Miss and Texas A&M at home before ending the season on March 3rd at Florida

Arkansas-Jumped up 16 places from unranked to 24th in the AP Top 25. After the big OT win at Mizzou, the Razorbacks went on to beat Florida at home, before having the game vs Texas A&M postponed. This Arkansas team is looking to make a late push for a decent seed, and will face Bama and LSU at home before finishing the regular season away at South Carolina on March 2nd.


The Big Ten is looking to join an exclusive club of being a conference with two Number 1 seeds in the tournament. This has only ever happened 13 times since the tourney expanded to 64 teams. Also if they can get some help and Baylor or Gonzaga falter late, they could sneak a 3rd team in contention for a Number 1 seed, and if they can do that then that'll be only the third occasion one conference has ever had 3 teams with number 1 seeds.


Belmont (24-1)- Hard to imagine a 1 loss team not being included in a Top 25 ranking in Basketball especially when they've already played 25 games. However, that's exactly whats happening with the Bruins right now. The team is currently undefeated in Ohio Valley Conference play, and it's only loss came to Samford in early December. Sure that's a rough loss, but when you rattle off 21 consecutive victories following it, you deserve some respect. Who knows why the AP committee sees fit leaving this squad out, but hopefully they get it together in time for Selection Sunday.

AP Top 25:

  1. Gonzaga (59) 22-0

  2. Baylor (5) 17-0

  3. Michigan 15-1

  4. Ohio State 18-4

  5. Illinois 16-5

  6. Houston 17-3

  7. Virginia 15-5

  8. Alabama 18-5

  9. Oklahoma 14-5

  10. Villanova 14-3

  11. Iowa 16-6

  12. Texas 13-6

  13. West Virginia 15-6

  14. Creighton 16-5

  15. Texas Tech 14-7

  16. Florida State 13-3

  17. USC 18-4

  18. Virginia Tech 14-4

  19. Tennessee 15-6

  20. Missouri 14-6

  21. Wisconsin 15-8

  22. Loyola Chicago 19-4

  23. Kansas 17-7

  24. Arkansas 17-5

  25. San Diego State 17-4