The Dynamic Duo

The Origins

Kelcey and DJ used to work together at a shoe store, to pass the time, they used to talk sports. Non-stop sports. It got to the point that they started getting in trouble for talking too much and "not getting enough done". Fast forward a few years, and the sports talks evolved into ranking some of their favorite moments in sports, inevitably turning into a debate. That's when they came up with the idea to record their conversations, just in case some other sports nerds wanted to weigh in and give their opinions. That is how we got to where we are now, and that's the origins of the High Low Sports Podcast.



Kelcey (pictured here with his dog, Hershey) is the comedic relief, or the High, for the High Low Sports team. He's the one who tends to make the most outlandish remarks, however they seem to have a 50% success rate. So maybe he's less outrageous than originally thought...



DJ, aka Hunter Renfrow, decided to take a break from the Las Vegas Raiders and join the High Low Sports team. The statistician, he's the Low for the team, keeping Kelcey in check on some of his more outlandish claims. Would definitely "Stump the Scwhab" were the game show still around.